Friday, July 9, 2010

Male Piggies Ready To Go

Here's an update on the males we currently have available to sell.

Show Quality Piggies: 1 x red-eye white Short-Hair and 1x dark-eye Crested Short-Hair. These are from Pedigreed Purebred Show winners and are "satin-carriers" - which means you breed them with a full-satinised pig to produce translucent shiny satinised coats. They are $25 each. Brothers, born 31.3.2010 (3months)

1 x Cream Abyssinian Male with Dark Eyes: Born 1.4.2010. He's nice and quiet and is a good-natured little piggy. $15.

1 x Cream & Grey Short-Hair with Ruby Eyes. You can't get the eye colour very well in these photos, but they really are astonishing. He's also very quiet and well-mannered. He and the above piggy have been housed together from a young age and are cage buddies. $15.

Golden Agouti Short-Hair - price reduced as these last two are older: 5months

Golden Agouti Abyssinian - price reduced because he's older and not "pretty" ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Sheba Cuties

These two little girls didn't last long here - they are already sold, even before they were weaned.

They were born on May 23, 2010. Parents are Pixie and Pippin - purebred pedigreed Sheba Mini Yaks. These photos were taken on 6 June, when they were 2 weeks old. I love how gorgeous their big black eyes are. They are both going to their new homes this weekend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Himalayans!

Zag and Schumman, my purebred Pedigreed Himalayan couple, have had their first litter. It's small, only two males, but they are so delicate and pristine.

They are born all white and red-eyed. The markings on their noses and feet and ears will come later, at about two months. It's for that reason that I probably won't sell them until they are 8 weeks old because I need to see their markings before knowing if they are Show quality. I'd assume they will be because both the parents are multiple award winners themselves.

I will be selling both of these Purebred Himalayans with papers for $25 ea and they will be ready after 19 June, 2010.

Cinnamon and Pippin have their first litter

April Fools Day and I have a brand new litter from my Sheba Mini Yaks. Cinnamon and Pippin are both purebred Pedigreed piggies, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what's happened to their babies!

I have a cream male, looks rather like an Abysinnian atm, although I won't know until it's hair starts growing at around 8 weeks. His hair will likely become even lighter as he grows up.

The other is a smooth haired piggy with Ruby eyes. It's coloured grey and cream, and is very attractive, but nothing resembling a Sheba Mini Yak! They are both boys, and I'll be selling them both.

If you would like to view or buy these babies, contact me on phone (02) 6227 0228 or email me at No spammers please.

Midge Mothers My First Satin-Carriers

It's finally happened!

I've bred my first generation of satin-carriers. I put Midge in with Aldo (both Show pigs and in such great form!!) as soon as I brought them home.

Midge is a Self Dark-Eyed White and she is the matriarch of my brood. She is an excellent mother, and is known to behave like a mother to other piggy's litters as well. She just can't help herself. She's a mum through-and-through. She even breast-feeds babies that aren't hers ....!

I particularly love the double chin. Very grandmotherly!

Aldo is my one and only satin pig. I entered him in the Canberra Royal Show and he came second, with good, even satinisation and type, great ear size (floppy) but lost points because he wasn't yet big enough. So now I need to fatten him up some more. Apparently, when you put males in with females in a love shack, the males always eat first, so he should be getting bigger as we speak.

I just love the translucency near his nose.

Beautiful big verandah ears.

The genetics behind satin breeding is complicated and tricky. I need to do more research on it before I understand it myself, but generally, breeding a satin with a satin-carrier, produces 100 per cent satin babies. I'll get back to you on that one when I have my first little satinised babies in my hands!

So, pairing Midge and Aldo produced 3 babies who are all satin-carriers (Ss). I got 2 crested dark-eyed whites, and one red-eyed smooth coat white. Two boys and one girl. I'm definitely keeping the female satin carrier. The boys I think I'll need to sell, as I'm running out of room.

They were born on the eve of our holiday away, 31 March 2010  - of course! Unfortunately, it was a colder night and when I checked on Midge, she was still giving birth. The pink-eyed runt baby must have been fairly squashed in-utero, because it looked quite mangled and was cold and lethargic. The female was the biggest, by far more than her brothers. Not wanting to lose any, I kept them all inside on a heat mat for the night. The pink-eyed runt perked up a bit after several hours and luckily, lasted through the night. But I have no doubt we could have lost him had he stayed in its outside cage. Midge was concentrating on the other two as if she had already resigned herself to losing little pink-eye.

But it all turned out well, and to look at the three now, you'd never guess they came out all different sizes.  Unfortunately with all the drama, I didn't take a photo of them at birth to show you.

Eclair has her first litter

Eclair, my favourite Sheba Mini Yak piggy, has had her first litter! Eclair is my favourite Sheba because of her completely buff hair, and her dark, dark eyes and feet. She looks so much like a chocolate eclair lolly, I get hungry just watching her. She's also quite good about keeping her hair long too. Her younger sisters tend to chew theirs off quite short. And when they are done with their own, they start on Eclairs!

She had three happy, healthy babies, all tortoishell in colour, and all with perfectly placed rosettes.

The two boys have already been sold together and gone to a loving home as pets. The sister is still here and awaiting a new home. Her birthday is March 23, 2010, so she is ready to go now. Her hair has grown to about 2cm long all over now, and is a couple of shades lighter.

Eclair - isn't the sweep of her hair delightful???

If you would like to buy the girl from this litter, drop me a line on (02) 6227 0228 or email me

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Introducing Himalayans

I love the look of Himalayans. They are ivory with black ears, feet and snouts, and red eyes. Well, to be more accurate, there is the "black" variety, with black noses / feet / ears, or the "chocolate" variety, with brown et al.

I just got me some Chocolate Himalayans from a Victorian breeder and exhibitor I met at the Canberra Show, Mindy Roach.

She took home a swag of ribbons and trophies and bottles of wine for her exhibits in the show, so I think I'm laughing in terms of purchasing some high-quality purebred pedigreed guinea pigs for my farm.

*Incidentally, the curved posture here is what they were looking for at the Show. You need to train your pig to sit with pronounced shoulders and a dip in its back and a round rump. Hhmmm.

They cost $50 and I am hoping it will be money well spent. They are both quite skittish - Schumann in particular is giving me heart attacks each time I peek into the cage because he darts around so consumed by fear and flight that I fear he'll break his neck if he collides with something mid-flight.

It will take a lot of nursing and cuddling to tame this pair. But I do love the look of them, so that won't be such a big ask!

Here they are:



Mindy said they would be ready to begin breeding together straight away, so here's hoping for a lot of romantic days ahead for this pair ...

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